Football’s Coming Home

Can I say “I told you so??””  Thought not! I live in hope but the kids won’t let me do that either!

How much are we all in love with Gareth Southgate and his waistcoats now? 22 years of hurt and he has redeemed himself in one hot glorious summer. He has given all of us a little bit of hope that England can win the World Cup – and its the hope that I’m interested in.

The Lovely Gareth has only shown hope and optimism in his “inexperienced team”

“Write your own stories”
“Make your own history”
“There’s no point bringing experience if its bad experience”

So, Gareth’s hope in his squad is paying off – so far, so good. I am definitely on the page of any excuse for a celebration!

Today’s 10 minute challenge: Apart from making sure that you’ve made the necessary arrangements to watch tonight’s match, write down some of your own hopes for the summer. I am sticking with the Lucy Wyndham Read 7 minute workouts every day in the hope that I will look like Cindy Crawford when I go on my summer holiday!

What are your hopes for between now and September? I hope we win and hope we have a fabulous summer!

Tip of the day: Remember it only takes 10 minutes! Keep a list of six or so things that you would like to be different in September and make them a habit. I do my workouts whilst the Long Suffering is walking the dogs in the morning. What would you like to do and when could you do it?

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