Introducing The Blog

The fundamental premise of this blog is that 95% of the time you can get on top and stay on top of your life in an hour a day, in the immortal words of Simon Bates “The Golden Hour”, (Radio 1 DJ in 70’s-80’s – there that ages me!)

My experience is that most people are on top of one or two life strands such as money or food or fitness but often really rubbish at others! This blog is about spending a few minutes every day on the stuff that’s important to you.

Anyway, if you are like me and like lots of structure, start by sorting out the thing that stresses you most – for example; family meals or your finances or your house in an hour a day. Once you feel that that is under control, cut the amount of time you spend on it and then spend the rest of your hour on the next most pressing strand.

For me, when I’m on top of stuff, I literally set a timer for 10 minutes, six times and spend 10 minutes Monday-Thursday on House, Food, Finances, Fitness, Diary Management and sitting still. I spend Friday’s hour cleaning, Saturday’s hour exercising and Sunday’s hour on food!

However, everybody is different. Other people just prefer to spend 10 minutes on something which is going to move their life forward, like Miss Hutchinson! The other Saturday morning, was super sunny and Miss Hutchinson was getting miserable at the thought of the household cleaning and so she just mentally set her inner timer and gave herself 10 minutes cleaning  in the bedroom, 10 minutes in the bathrrom and 10 minutes hovering. Enough is enough! The next thing I knew she was posting pictures on Instagram of her sunlounger, diet Coke stash and books!!!

So, up to you! Maybe you want to be rigorous with your time and spend 10 minutes on different strands. Or maybe you just want to try the 10 miute challenge in random blog posts!