Introducing The Idea

This blog has been kick-started by 2 things. First by listening to my friend “Fairy Godmother”, recently divorced with 2 kids, she couldn’t get her head around meal planning and then felt guilty because her mum and sister in law were providing all her meals. I told her that she just needed to spend an hour on a Sunday night sorting meals out for the week and she didn’t believe me. So, there was my challenge: is it possible to sort out the family meals in an hour on a Sunday night??!!

 Secondly, I was listening to an interview with Jo Malone, she of gorgeous, smelly candles and effortless glamour fame. Jo was saying that she has a real relationship with smell: that she can see colour in it, she can see the blends of flavours in her head, that she can see texture in smell etc. Jo explained that for a while she thought that this was normal and that it was only as her business grew that she realised that this was her “gift”. Now, I’m not saying that I have a gift, in fact if you ask the Long Suffering (husband) he will tell you that I have a problem, however, I am renowned amongst my friends and colleagues for being the most organised person that they know.

So, this blog exists as an outlet for all the weird and wonderful techniques that I’ve learnt and created over the years to get through life. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s not that I like having to be so organised (secretly I do but I know that I shouldn’t admit that in public). For me, it’s about being as efficient with my time as possible so that I can maximise the amount of time that I have to spend on doing what I really want to do: mainly being with the people that I love.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT ABOUT BEING PERFECT!!!!! You will not find pictures of a perfect home and perfectly presented, calorie counted, nutritionally balanced meals on my blog. It is about being GOOD ENOUGH so that I can live my life without being stressed by things that could have been avoided. So, my kids turn up in the right outfit on non uniform days and I always remember the birthdays of my Aunts and Uncles!