The Kids Are Coming Home!

For the vast majority of us, Friday marks the start of the 6 week school holiday period. Whether you’re looking forward to the time or dreading the childcare issues, whatever comes it will be different than term time!

There was a piece in the press last week from the Head of a private school who was offering advice on what children should have to do during the holidays before they can have screen time:

* get up and dressed properly
* make their bed
* have breakfast and tidy the things away
* walk the dog…..or a neighbour’s dog
* do a household task such as load the dishwasher or the washing machine
* do a non screen activity like play and instrument or read for a while.

To be fair, when I read through this list, mine probably do all of that in the holidays…..just at some point during the day. Not necessarily before screen time.

So how do you survive the holidays? In our house we tend to sit down at the start and establish the family rules for the summer? What jobs do I expect the kids to do? There will still be a bedtime, just much later than usual! Holiday budget: its good for the kids to share the responsibility of what we actually spend it on.

What are the kids Holiday Hopes? Often it will be for a sleepover or youngest organises an annual trip to Alton Towers with friends.

At this stage of the game, we have a pretty good idea of whats going on when and where the free time is. I also have a lost of routine stuff that needs to get done every summer: dentist, hairdresser, ear and eye tests, school uniform and stationary shopping.

I also know that the kids need a break and to be bored a bit. Often the holidays is the time when they find stuff for themselves, they cook more, realise that they need to sort their own rooms out and genuinely miss people and decide that thy want to see them.

So, I try to embrace the holidays and see what I will learn about my kids as the weeks go along.

10 minute challenge: start to think about what family ground rules you might like for the summer ready for a conversation with your kids.

Tip of the day: make sure that you build in some time out for yourself every week…..

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